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Modelling the British Rail Era

Modelling the British Rail Era

Modelling the British Rail Era: A guide to Modelling the classic Diesel and electric age, covers the period 1964 to 1994. Ian Fleming, Ken Gibbons, Steve Flint, and Jeff Taylor have combined to produce a modellers guide to the rail…

Railway Electrics – Ian Morton

Railway Electrics - Ian Morton

The aspects of modelling book on railway electrics by Ian Morton is designed for those that shy away from this difficult subject that can make grown men gibber and start shaking at the knees, but once said men get their heads…

Weathering Locomotives – Tim Shackleton

Weathering Locomotives - Tim Shackleton

Tim Shackleton is regarded by many as the “Master” of weathering rolling stock. In Weathering Locomotives he covers all aspects of his craft from weathering techniques through airbrush maintenance to paints and equipment. The colour pictures are brilliant and along…