Modelling Trees Part One Broadleaf Trees – Gordon Gravett

Modelling trees part one broadleaf trees by Gordon Gravett has to be the most authoritative book published to date on the subject of scale modelling trees. Gordon Gravett leads the modeller through the process for creating the scale model in a huge amount of detail covering the techniques, materials and tools required to obtain a first class result.

Gordon then provides a series of worked examples, covering various species of broadleaf trees including silver birch, weeping willow, and oak. While the book is aimed at railway modellers it is equally applicable to modellers of other genres and would be a great resource for the military modeller creating dioramas for tanks or aircraft, or building wargames terrain. If you want to create authentic looking trees then this book should be right at the top of your reading list. There are no easy methods though, as Gordon explains in the book to get the right effect it takes practice and time. Some of the examples in there have taken 15 to 30 hours to do! But it is worth it – the end result is incredibly life like. Modelling trees also touches on some of the finer details needed to get a really realistic tree covering things like creating ivy going up a tree, and creating bird’s nests