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Freightliner – Paul Shannon

Freightliner - Paul Shannon

Although widely deprecated both at the time and subsequently, the Beeching Report was not the wholly negative document of popular legend. Among the more positive aspects was Beeching’s vision of the potential for the railway industry of the container and…

Modelling Scotland’s Railways – Ian Futers

Modelling Scotland's Railways by Ian Futers

In Modelling Scotland’s Railways, Ian Futers has provided an excellent guide to recreating the railways of Scotland in miniature. I’ve admired Ian’s modelling for many years ever since seeing his 4mm ex North British layouts at the annual Newcastle MRS…

Scottish Layout Projects – Ian Futers

Scottish Layout Projects by Ian Futers

Scottish Layout Projects more plans, ideas and inspiration from Ian Futers. Ian provides another good selection of modelling projects, covering locations from all over Scotland and into the English borders. The book is split into two parts, the first titled…