Making Tracks Railway Modelling by Design – Paul A. Lunn

Paul reveals more of the techniques that he uses to produce some excellent railway modelling designs. Nicely written and illustrated in Paul A. Lunn’s usual style In Making Tracks Railway Modelling by Design looks at design theory as well as providing many track plans. The designs look practical and appear as though they fit the space advertised, unlike some other plan books that are available.  The track plans are superbly drawn in colour by Trevor Ridley.

Making Tracks Railway Modelling by Design is divided into two sections; the first covers a range of design techniques Paul uses:

  • Compression design – how to reduce the essential features of the prototype into a practical modelling space
  • Composite design – how to bring together features from a number of prototypes into a single layout
  • Orientation design – moving things around to improve visual appearance and operation
  • Space volume and balance – the relationship between items on the layout
  • Modelling from a favourite – building things around a single focal point

and the second applies these to modelling the emerging rail scene of today which Paul interestingly calls ‘The Future’.

  • Instant railhead
  • Tramway freight
  • Preserved line development
  • Re-Opening and development

I found the future section very interesting and quite thought provoking with interesting snippets about light railways, tramways, how rail may develop and how to model it:

Don’t expect a great deal of modelling content as such, for example you won’t find a section on how to build baseboards, and there are few model photos. However the book is well illustrated with prototype images that complement the text and layout designs being described.

Making Tracks Railway Modelling by Design makes a great companion to Paul’s earlier book from Book Law on Micro Layout Design

Published by Atlantic, 112 pages softback

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