Track Laying – Ian Morton

Track Laying by Ian Morton is the latest addition to the ‘Aspects of Modelling’ series takes the concept of constructing a model railway layout a stage further from the more introductory books in the series. Two of the first volumes in the series covered the construction of baseboards and offered information about the interpretation of prototype track plans for modelling purpose. The next stage in the construction of a layout is the actual laying of the track and Ian Morton provides a guide to the theory and practice of track laying. It examines and advises on the types of track available, the use of ballast (foam rubber and alternatives), gives suggestions and helpful hints on the benefits of using proprietary versus hand-made, shows methods of affixing track to the baseboards, details the use of transition curves and explains technical terminology. The layout of the book is designed to give modellers helpful step by step guidance and so includes detailed drawings and colour illustrations throughout the text.

Ian Morton has published a number of excellent books in the Aspects of Modelling series: