Digital Command Control – Ian Morton

Digital Command Control by Ian Morton is one of the most successful books in the Aspects of Modelling series. Originally published in 2007 “Aspects of Modelling: Digital Command Control” was one of the first books to address this important new technology for railway modellers. Since then Digital Command Control has been reprinted twice,and has become the essential introductory guide for all modellers using DCC.

This updated edition has been designed to encompass all recent changes in this technology, is certain to be popular with keen modellers wishing to master the latest developments. DCC has been one of the most radical developments in the model railway hobby in recent years, and the equipment is comparatively expensive and comprehensive. Modellers are increasingly embracing DCC as it enables one to operate each locomotive on a model layout individually using computer technology, making the whole operation far more realistic. Special effects such as sound can also be added with DCC and most proprietary models come with DCC compatibility. It is also possible to upgrade older models to take advantage of this new technology. The book explains the basic principles of everything the modeller needs to know to adopt DCC into a new layout or to add it to an existing one. It also includes a detailed chapter on new developments such as sound, steam and smoke as well as a summary of potential advanced use and programming. Areas covered include:

  • what is DCC;
  • how to convert to DCC;
  • base stations, boosters and cabs;
  • locomotive decoders;
  • wiring for DCC;
  • connecting up for first use;
  • glossary of technical terms;
  • trouble shooting guide; and,
  • guide to manufacturers, suppliers and equipment.

Ian Morton has written a number of books in the Aspects of Modelling series and these include

He has also written other books on DCC and is widely regarded as an expert on the subject in the UK.


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