Digital Command Control the Definitive Guide

Digital Command Control The Definitive Guide by Ian Morton has been around for a little while. Brilliantly successful in hardback, this excellent book is now available in paperback for the first time. Ian Morton is well known for his modelling knowledge through his contributions to the popular Aspects of Modelling series in which he has already published books on model railway electrics, DCC, baseboard construction and model road vehicles.

The advent of DCC has allowed the enthusiast to control more than one train at a time via the use of computer chip technology. Whereas most modern rolling stock is now designed to be fully compatible with DCC, for modellers it may represent a challenge – particularly if they have collections of locomotives and rolling stock that pre-date its development. This informative volume includes step-by-step photographs showing how all model locomotives can be converted to DCC operation. Other areas covered include:

  • The history of DCC;
  • The process of converting an existing layout to DCC;
  • Installing DCC on a new layout;
  • The advantages and disadvantages of conventional and DCC control systems;
  • DCC from the perspective of British model railway practices;
  • Choosing a DCC decoder for a specific locomotives;
  • Fitting of DCC-controlled sound modules; and
  • Lighting coaching and multiple-unit stock.

This definitive guide contains instructive text aligned to a wealth of images, making it a must for anyone contemplating digital command control.