Station Colours – Peter Smith

Station Colours; Liveries used on railway buildings explained and illustrated by Peter Smith is intended to give accurate, easy to use information for those modelling and restoring railway structures. Peter Smith’s book is basically a hard copy vesrion of his website and provides a comprehensive guide for station colours used by the UK Railway companies between 1900-1960. The book is worth purchasing to get the information in an attractive printed format and to support the labour of love that Peter has made available for a number of years online at no charge.

The book is divided into 4 main sections, one for each of the big 4 pre-nationalisation companies, and each section comprises a chapter on each of the main pre grouping companies. This is an essential reference book that should be on the bookshelf of any steam era modeller.

There is a vast array of information about locomotives and rolling stock, but building colour schemes have been neglected by authors and publishers so that you still see preserved lines with totally inaccurate building colours which modellers then go on to copy, thus perpetuating the mistake to the extent that it can become accepted as correct. This book will help to put an end to such practices; along with the information on the colour schemes used by the railway companies, including BS numbers for the correct shades and a list of the appropriate model paints to use. There is also a colour patch showing the colours used, and as many illustrations as can be found showing restored buildings that are in the correct colours.

The book is one of a number recently published by Peter Smith including

Syston & Peterborough Railway