Scratch Built Buildings – Paul Bason

If you are taking their first steps towards making your own model buildings Scratch Built Buildings from Paul Bason will be very informative. The book has easy to follow, step by step instructions that are well illustrated with pictures. There are plenty of hints and tips as well as recommendations for adhesives and materials to use and the best suppliers to source them from. I’d recommend this book from the publishers of British Railway Modelling magazine and for many people, it will be of considerable help to those just starting out with scratch-building,

The models featured are good examples of scratch built buildings made primarily from plasticard, and the book is aimed at the average modeller. If you are more advanced and  you want to see the finest examples of architectural modelling, you’d be better off buying (if you can still find them) either ‘Buildings in Miniature’ by George Iliffe Stokes, ‘Architectural Modelling in 4mm Scale’ by Dave Rowe or ‘Cottage Modelling for Pendon’ by Chris Pilton. Or buy BRM’s ‘Building Buildings’ DVD which is excellent too.


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