Developments in DC and DCC – Howard Watkins – Right Track 16 (DVD)

Developments in DC and DCC – Howard Watkins – Right Track DVD 16

There are lots of good books about model railway electrics and DCC, but sometimes seeing a visual presentation makes all the difference. The right track DVD series has developed into a comprehensive set of video guides for the modeller, and Developments in DC and DCC is a welcome addition to the series.

Electronics has been important to railway modelling since the introduction of electric motors for motive power. These days, with developments in digital technology, we have a great opportunity to improve the running of locomotives and make the railway run much more realistically. It is not essential to know how the electronics work in detail but to use them as building blocks to get more fun out of running your layout. In this DVD, Howard Watkins explains how you can use electronics on analogue and DCC systems to improve your layout. He begins by explaining how to wire points for best running and then how to operate them for fine control. Switching polarity is essential to smooth running and Howard shows a range of methods from slide switch to the frog juicer. For DCC, Howard gives an overview of systems and then shows how to set up decoders easily using your PC – including CVs, speed curves and function mapping. Then he moves on to coach and locomotive lighting and the fascinating subject of DCC Sound. Finally, he shows control of your locomotives from an I-Pad or i-Pod and looks at the CBUS control system.